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15 Days to Slow the Spread of COVID-19

A few days ago, the White House released, "The President's Guidelines for America."

March 18, 2020

The guidelines provide steps that we as a country can take in an effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus, the virus which causes the disease COVID-19. Most of the guidelines require Americans to avoid leaving the house altogether which means that if you are sick you may not have many alternatives to getting proper non-emergency care.

DON'T PANIC - "11 Tips on Slowing the Spread"

1. First and foremost, follow the directions of your local and state authorities. NOW is NOT the TIME to BUCK the SYSTEM!

2. If you and your children are sick, STAY HOME. Call off from work and keep your children out of school. This would be a great time to contact one of myURGENCYMD's Board-Certified doctors for a "virtual house call" to help screen and treat of a variety of illnesses. Our doctors are available 24/7/365. (#telemedicine #myURGENCYMD #21stcenturyhousecall)

3. If someone in your household has tested positive, KEEP THE ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD AT HOME. That means no work or school. myURGENCYMD allows up to 7 individuals for your membership for the low price of $24.95 per month. This means that even if they are sick with a stomach virus they can be seen and treated without waiting for a doctor's appointment. That is, if you can get one.

4. If you are an older person (60+ years), STAY HOME and away from others.

5. If you are a person with a serious underlying health condition (like something that weakens your immune sysytem or impairs your lung or heart function), STAY HOME and away from others.

6. WORK FROM HOME when possible.

7. AVOID SOCIAL GATHERINGS of more than 10 people.

8. Use pick-up, drive through or food delivery services. You should TRY NOT TO LEAVE HOME.

9. AVOID UNNECESSARY TRAVEL, shopping and social visits.

10. DO NOT VISIT nursing homes, retirement or long-term care facilities uless providing critical assistance.

11. PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE like covering your coughs and sneezes, hand washing oftern for at least 20 seconds and disinfecting surfaces.

"Telemedicine is an invaluable option during this epidemic."

Stay calm, Stay safe, if you experience any symptoms use telemedicine first to be safely screened and allow the Board Certified Doctors to determine your clinical care while steering the most at risk to the proper treatment.”

Being uncertain as to what the future holds in these perilous times, telemedicine becomes an invaluable option to provide safer and convenient alternatives to waiting in clinics or ER waiting rooms. It is only with proper education about preventative precautions and the collective cooperation of the whole, that we can tackle this pandemic with the resolve and resilience that only American can. Now more than ever, our medical decisions affect not only ourselves and those that we love, but complete strangers.

The nation is in our prayers and thoughts during this difficult time. myURGENCYMD is here to help.

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Dorsha James, MD, is a 15-year veteran emergency medicine physician in the Nashville, TN area. She now serves as the CEO and chief medical officer for her company myURGENCYMD. myURGENCYMD is a national telemedicine company that provides members with access to 24-hour, seven-day-a-week virtual consultations with a board-certified physician to discuss non-emergency conditions. She enjoys empowering patients by helping them understand how to properly utilize the many avenues for the treatment of medical conditions to obtain optimal health. To learn more about the company, visit


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